Land-Grant Sun-Grant Series

The Land-Grant Brewing Company's Sun-Grant Series is inspired by the Sun-Grant Association, a group of Land-Grant Universities that research and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly bio-based energy alternatives.

Brewing beer requires water. A lot of water. This is because the chief ingredients (hops, malts, and barley) soak up so much water in the brewing process, creating the three principles byproducts of brewing: spent grain, spent yeast, and trub (a sludgy mix of yeast and plant particulates). While these byproducts aren’t good for the city’s wastewater system, they are good for flora, fauna, and farmers.

Closing The Loop

We’ve partnered with Hoffman’s Farm & Greenhouse and St. Stephen’s Community Center to keep our spent grain and yeast from going down the drain, and we’re developing more methods to divert our trub as well.


Hoffman Farm

While spent grain is no good for drains, it is good for cattle (read: happy cows). We’ve been working with Hoffman’s Farm & Greenhouse since we opened. Everyday, sometimes twice a day, they drive out to our building and pick up 1300 to 2600 lbs of spent grain, and haul it back to their farm in Hilliard, OH, where it becomes a feast for many happy black angus bovine. And though we do love happy cows, we also love happy chicks, which is why we divert a small amount of spent grain for the lovely baby hens over at St. Stephen’s Project Aquastar.


As much as animals love our spent grain, plants love our spent yeast. This nitrogen-rich brewing byproduct makes for an excellent addition to active composting piles, and St Stephen’s Project Aquastar is happy to take a barrel full of our spent yeast for their compost pile every other week. The compost is in turn used to enrich the soils inside and outside their greenhouses, helping them grow top-tier produce for their food-pantry and C.S.A., addressing the food security needs of the Linden neighborhood. We also buy back different fruit and herbs for speciality infusions, such as our Bourbon Barrel Aged Mint Julep Mudder.

Water is essential to beer, and beer is essential to life. While we’re currently able to divert some of our brewing byproduct, we still have work to do keeping more of our yeast and trub out of the water system. Check back here for updates as we continue to develop our water stewardship initiatives.