Land-Grant Sun-Grant Series

The Land-Grant Brewing Company's Sun-Grant Series is inspired by the Sun-Grant Association, a group of Land-Grant Universities that research and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly bio-based energy alternatives.


Brewing beer depends directly on nutritious soils, clean waterways, and a healthy climate. Without vibrant ecosystem services, the wheat, malts, and hops that go into our beer wouldn’t be as nutritious or flavorful, and the beer would suffer for it. Mashing, boiling, fermenting, and packaging that liquid gold requires a whole lot of energy, which means more greenhouse gases emitted that add to the effects of climate change, and directly impact the natural environment we depend so much on. It’s a vicious cycle, but we’re cutting our energy consumption to lower our carbon footprint, and that starts with measuring and managing.

Using resources and tools provided by the Brewers Association, we’ve been able to track our utilities and compare them with other breweries of similar sizes, which has shown us that we can be more efficient by creatively managing our resources and being conscious of our consumption in our brewing process. We aim to cut our energy use per barrel by 69% over the next three years, which will prevent nearly 130,000 lbs/59 tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere.

We know that even if we become 100% sustainable in our operations, the emissions that exist throughout our supply chain from shipping and sourcing will still fuel the effects of climate change. But we’re doing our part and we’ll work with our suppliers, partners, and neighbors to make sure that future generations have a healthy climate. Check back here for more carbon reduction updates.