People Behind the Pint: Kayla Chandler

If you’ve ever visited our taproom, you’ve surely met Kayla, Land-Grant’s bartender, customer experience extraordinaire, and human flow chart. When she’s not striving to make your taproom experience exceptional, she’s keeping quite busy adventuring with The Campfire Experience and her two little kiddos! Whew!”

Name: Kayla Chandler
Position: Bartender & Customer Experience Lead

How long have you been at Land-Grant?
I have worked at Land-Grant since March 2016.

What is it you do here?
I’m a bartender! For those of you who may not understand what that means, at Land-Grant, as bartenders, we are somewhat of a human flow chart to help you decide which kind of beer you should drink. That’s right–I know you better than you know you. My favorite customers are those who tell me they don’t like beer. This becomes a personal challenge for me to find the right fit.

In addition to bartending, I recently started as a Customer Experience Lead. Not many days go by when Land-Grant isn’t hosting a fundraiser, 30th birthday celebration, or party of some sort. I ensure that these events run smoothly and help to create finishing touches of hospitality.

The Land-Grant bar staff is essentially family–what are the pros and cons of working with your closest friends?
The bar staff spends a lot of time together, whether we like it or not. Truth is, the staff is a huge part of why I enjoy coming to work. Each person on our staff is creative and ambitious in their own way, and with all of our traits combined, we make an exceptional team… if I do say so myself!

Con–sometimes it is difficult for everyone to find time to hang out outside of work!

Outside of Land-Grant, you are involved with The Campfire Experience, plus you’re a mother! How many hours do you have in your day?
Enough to balance everything! Outside of Land-Grant I work for a company called The Campfire Experience, a luxury adventuring brand, as a manager of custom events. We specialize in creating upscale outdoorsy events for brands, festivals and weddings. I oversee one of our signature events called Campfire Sessions–intimate music performances in unique spaces, recorded live. The process of scouting locations and bands is what I find most enjoyable.

I am also a mother of a 2 year-old and a 3 year-old! Watching my children develop and grow has been the most rewarding and fascinating experience of my life. It’s important for me to balance a busy work schedule and spend the most quality time with them.

What is your favorite day of the week at the brewery?
I recently worked my first Hickory + Oak Supper Club at the brewery. It was cool to see the taproom transform into somewhat of a “speak-easy” where guests are seated at communal tables with candlelight, sharing special plates that are selectively paired with unusual beers. Can Ray Ray’s please tell me how they made a simple carrot taste so good?

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