People Behind the Pint: Brittany Fisher

Just call her “Spotted Genet” because she is one cool cat with a dynamite personality. Not only is Brittany a brilliant bartender, but she is also our in-house animal expert. Fresh off an Exotic Animal Behavior and Welfare study abroad program in South Africa, Brittany fills us in on her travels and identifies the hidden beasts of Land-Grant. Rarrr!

Name: Brittany Fisher
Position: Bartender

How long have you been at Land-Grant?
A little over a year.

What is it you do here?
I am one of the lucky bartenders in the taproom who gets to sling drinks with my best friends. At times I also double as an animal-question-answering extraordinaire.

You just got back from spending some time in South Africa-what were you doing there?
I just finished my undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University. In the fall I will begin a Master’s of Science degree as a graduate research student at OSU. I traveled with eight other girls for three weeks as part of an Exotic Animal Behavior and Welfare study abroad program in South Africa. It was amazing! We spent 8 days off the grid in Kruger National Park and the remainder of the time visiting sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers. Most of our time was spent observing wild animals but we did have the opportunity to interact with some ambassador animals as well.

You’re the animal expert, so if you had to pick spirit animals for you and your bartending colleagues, what would you choose?
Oh man, ok here we go: While in South Africa I was told that my spirit animal would be a spotted genet and yes I had to look it up, too. It’s a small African cat with a dynamite personality which is very fitting. For Becca, our matriarch, I’m going to choose an elephant for her strength, compassion, and leadership. Nik, who is one of our fearless leaders, gets a brown bear for his confidence, leadership, and strength. Colin, our other head bartender, is a tiger for his power, intelligence, and leadership. Justin is definitely a lion, have you seen that beard? Lions represent courage, compassion, and strength. Jenna, our theater queen, is a zebra for her individuality, sociability, and leadership. Emma Swysgood, check out her band Mungbean, seems like a giraffe for her wisdom, creativity, and grace. Amber is absolutely a monkey, if you haven’t been to her comedy shows you are missing out. Monkeys are known for their humor, resourcefulness, and smarts. Jordan, our dog dad, is a wolf for his knowledge, leadership, and courage. Kayla is a peacock for her effortless beauty, nobility, and wisdom. Mike seems like an eagle for his loyalty, creativity, and integrity. For our newest addition, Jake, we’ll give him the leopard. They are known for their strength, courage, and independence. If anyone else would like to know their spirit animal, I take appointments on Fridays and Saturdays for a small fee.

What is your favorite day of the week at the brewery?
Working weekends at Land-Grant is my absolute favorite! I love it when the brewery is full of excitement. We have so many great regulars and new customers alike; I love getting to see everyone and catching up on how their week went. On the weekends most of the bartenders are scheduled and I never feel like I am actually at work. Our staff is full of great personalities and positive attitudes (see above), so you know we are going to have fun. We also have Ray Ray’s outside serving the best BBQ in town as well! Not only is their food great but the staff is wonderful. When we first me all the guys, we knew immediately that it was a great decision and now we are all very close.

Events at Land-Grant are especially fun. It is so rewarding to be able to partner with local companies and organizations, like Jeni’s and 97.1. This weekend, after we walk the Pride Parade on Saturday, I won’t but bartending, but I will be celebrating in the beer garden… so come say hello!

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