Back for its third year, the Land-Grant Monday Night Euchre League returns to the taproom on January 16th at 6pm. We’ve made a few tweaks to the format to speed up play, ensure a full slate each week, and, of course make it easier to get a cold beer. Details of the 2017 league are below.

League Rules
> Currently, our 34 available slots have been claimed, you can put your name on the waiting list via the form below. Teams that do not arrive for play, or do not complete the 5 games will forfeit their guaranteed spot, and resulting empty slots will be filled from the top of the waiting list (which you can join using the form below). Teams that do not show will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.
> Free pizza is provided for competitors by our good friends at Yellow Brick Pizza
> Play starts promptly at 6 PM, we reccomend arriveing 15 minutes early.
> Play will be limited to 25 minutes/game with 5 min to get to next table
> Season will last 10 weeks with a seeded tournament to follow
> League begins January 16
> The Championship Tournament will be played March 27 with seeding determined by accumulated points and standings from league play
> We will be offering table service during league play this year

League Play Dates:
> January 16, 2017
> January 23, 2017
> January 30, 2017
> February 6, 2017
> February 13, 2017
> February 20, 2017
> February 27, 2017
> March 6, 2017
> March 13, 2017
> March 20, 2017
> March 27, 2017 – Championship Tournament


Official standings for the 2017 Winter Euchre League. Scores are tabulated and updated the day after league play

Brian and Jay402
Loyal Hoyle386
The Donald Trump Cards385
I'd Rather Lose Than Have Trump384
The 46'ers381
Kïlsch Bros.380
Couples Therapy369
Four Suited363
Team Plants352
The Bears346
Please No340
The Castros337
Sixes and Sevens336
Team Ashley327
Here for the Pizza318
Ole Cheatin'314
Table Talkin' About Beer300
The Culture Problem299
Two Suited295
Clever Name287
Blind Loner241
Just the Tip233
Lady Caucus Strong194
Blumpkin Pie161
Not the A Team135
Ante Up134
Where It's At78
MK & HJ62
Bobbie & Ed37
Burger Boyz37
Suck It32

Waiting List Form:
We will use this list to contact teams about possible open slots