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Beer Garden Re-Opening Tuesday 5/19

Beer Garden

We’ve been getting a lot of questions this week regarding the reopening of the Land-Grant taproom and beer garden. Many of you are very excited to finally get out of the house and share a beer with friends, and many of you are understandably wary about the prospect of things opening back up. We’ve been planning, debating, implementing, and working to make all of the necessary adjustments to our operation for folks to safely and comfortably gather in our Beer Garden, we will reopen our outdoor area on 🍻TUESDAY, MAY 19TH at 3:00pm🍻.

At this point we only have plans to open our outdoor space for the foreseeable future, and it will essentially operate like your neighborhood pool. If it’s raining, we’re closed. If you’re not sure, you can visit for a simple yes/no answer. With this decision comes a lot of rules for customers and staff to follow in order to do this safely. You can find those rules listed below, as well as on our website. We appreciate your patience, compliance, and support and cannot wait to tip back a beer with you. Cheers!

1. All beer will be served in cans, no draft beer available at this time.
2. To maintain social distancing, all beer garden tables have been arranged to provide a minimum of 6ft plus space for walking between them.
3. Touchless hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the Beer Garden.
4. Staff will be implementing rigorous and regular cleaning procedures and policies in the service, restroom, seating, and common areas.
5. All ordering will be contactless, via our mobile app. (
6. We will not be taking reservations for groups or events at this time.
7. The beer garden will maintain its usual hours—other than being closed on Mondays—contingent on weather conditions.

Monday / Closed
Tuesday / 3:00p-10:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-10:00p
Thursday / 11:30a-Midnight
Friday / 11:30a-Midnight
Saturday / 11:30a-Midnight
Sunday / 11:30a-Midnight

1. 21+, with the only exception being lap infants
2. Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn in all common spaces and the service area. All employees are required to wear masks at all times.
3. No dogs or pets of any kind.
4. Beer Garden operation is weather dependent. Inclement weather will require the closing of the beer garden to all patrons, who must vacate the premises. Patrons will not be allowed to congregate indoors during inclement weather. Reopening after inclement weather will be a judgment call by the staff based on the forecast. Visit for a simple yes/no answer to whether we’re operating on any given day.
5. Seating for each group will be limited to 8 persons per table, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.
6. Your entire party must be present to be seated.
7. Parties waiting to be seated must do so off premises.
8. Co-mingling, swapping of party members, or combining tables is not permitted.
9. Gathering in common space is not permitted.
10. Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times. Guests must remain at least 6 feet away from members of other parties at all times. Masks must be worn when up from your table.
11. All orders must be made via our mobile app ( Orders can be claimed at the outdoor bar after purchase is completed. Orders cannot be placed at bar. We are not accepting cash at this time.
12. If your party wishes to change tables for any reason, please see the host stand so that cleaning and sanitation practices can be adhered to.
13. Carryout beer and merchandise can be purchased inside the taproom. Carryout beer cannot be brought into the beer garden, and must be taken off the premises immediately.
14. The restrooms inside the taproom are closed for the time being, and outdoor restrooms have been provided.
15. To aid in proper social distancing, please adhere to the “traffic patterns” when moving to restrooms or service areas
16. No outside food.
17. No Games for the time being (Mini Golf, Cornhole, Bocce, etc.)
18. All tours postponed
19. Any customers failing to follow all rules will result in the removal of their entire party from the premises.
20. No Smoking.

Re-Opening Update (Sunday 5/10)

We hope everyone is having a safe, and all-things-considered enjoyable Mother’s Day Sunday. Now that we’ve had a few days to digest the idea of re-opening this upcoming Friday, we wanted to take a moment to give a little insight into our thought process on the matter. While we are excited for the potential to re-open per the Governor’s announcement on Thursday, we have not made a final decision either way at this point. Our team has been working around the clock since to ensure that when we reopen, we are sure that we can do so safely, protecting both our staff and the public. We will continue to strictly abide all guidelines from the State and the Federal Government, as well as enacting our own policies.

There is still a lot to accomplish over the next few days to make this happen, and we will continue to update our progress via our social channels and on our website. We are in a unique position to be able to operate the amount of outdoor space that our beer garden provides, and while that certainly provides opportunity it brings with it unique challenges. We’re rapidly working to implement solutions to those challenges like hand sanitation stations, mobile ordering, contactless service, and of course distancing our seating options.

Thank You for your continued and humbling support. We are truly excited at the possibility to share our space and be among friends again, but we must ensure that we protect each and everyone that makes, pours, delivers, and drinks our beer. Please stay tuned for more updates this week. Cheers Columbus!

Homage x Land-Grant All-American BBQ Photos

This past Saturday, we through a massive BBQ cdelebration to launch our HOMAGE collaboration beer, All-American Pale Ale. Ray Ray’s and Oh! Burgers were on the grills. Colin Mills, Osage, Old Middle Modern, Montezuma, and Doc Robinson provided the soundtrack. Bacca Coffee kept us caffeinated, and SOW Movement helped us clean up responsibly. Check out some photos from the day here, and head over to our Facebook page for the full album.



A huge and hardy THANK YOU is in order to all of the amazing people who came together to make yesterday an incredible success.

The amazing bands that kept us moving… Colin Mills, Vinny Valentino, The Interns, Doc Robinson, Fizzed, and Yellow Paper Planes.

Our tasty food trcuks…Challah!, Cluckwagon, Oh! Burgers.

The guest breweries that brought some inspiring beers to pour from the famous Daily Growler truck…Actual, Brew Dog, Little Fish, MadTree, North High, Hoof Hearted, Wolf’s Ridge, Seventh Son, Rhinegeist, Rockmill, and Royal Docks!

Our incredible staff for pulling together an amazing variety of beers, and for putting in some crazy hours to make yesterday happen. You guys are amazing.

Cheers to Upright Press for bringing the live screen printing to the party, OBLSK for that bonkers projection on our grain silo, and Franklinton Gardens for the amazing ingredients for our Franklinton Harvest Ale.

Last but certainly not least you fine folks that volunteered your precious weekend time to pour beers, check IDs, and help us pull this thing off. We could not have done it without ya.

One last cheers to #twoyearsofbeers, let’s do this again next year. Check out some photos from the day here, and you can see the full photo-set over on our Facebook page.
















A Note on Quality: Floaties, Bits, and Sediment

2015-01-28 at 00-56-47

Envision it: After a long hard days work out in the hot sun, you get home and crack open a nice cold can of our 1862 Ale to enjoy whilst sitting outside on a patio. You prop your feet up and recline in your chair, taking the first sip of this clean and crisp german inspired, american influenced Kölsch. Trying to fully amplify the aromatic qualities of the beer, you go inside and decide pour it into your pint glass. You look at the glorious white head that is forming and start to appreciate the light yellow-gold color, but that’s when you notice them….floaties….bits, almost like dark snowflakes floating in your delicious beer. This is not very appetizing.

We agree with you.

This is not the way we want to present our product. We want you to be able to enjoy every aspect of our beer, not just the flavors and aromas. Although this sediment does not affect the flavor of the beer, the unattractive appearance is not up to the standards that we hold ourselves to.

Over the past few weeks, some of you have come to us with questions and concerns regarding these “floaties,” so in an attempt to shine a light on the topic we have decided to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions, as well as letting you know what we are doing to aid in the elimination of any future particulate in our cans.

What is this sediment made of?
We have found that the sediment is mainly composed of yeast with small traces of protein and hop particulate. None of these things are harmful nor do they change the flavor of the product.

Where does it come from?
YEAST: These wonderful little creatures are what makes beer…well…beer. Every strain of yeast has its own personality, and is better at some things than others. Our Kölsch yeast is great at making a crisp beer with minimal production of off aromas or flavors. It is great at fermenting almost all the sugars we give it to eat. What it is not the greatest at is flocculating. Flocculation occurs when yeast cells bind to one another to make larger particles that drop out of the beer and settle at the bottom of a tank.

PROTEIN: 1862 Ale has a malt bill that includes grains with more protein than most of the other beers in our arsenal. This, along with the generous dose of hops that go into it, makes for a great opportunity for tannins from the hops and proteins from the malts to react and form insoluble products.

HOP PARTICLES: With great hop aroma comes a great amount of hops in the beer. That also means a great amount that must be taken out of the beer. Like most breweries we use hop pellets as our hop product of choice. These pellets, when introduced into the beer, break apart into very tiny particles that impart their flavor and aroma into the beer. The tiny particles typically will fall out of solution with the yeast and proteins when we chill the beer down, however we are seeing that there are still some remaining.

What are we doing about it?
Like many craft breweries, we rely solely on cold temperatures and natural clarifying agents to clarify our beer. Since we are not using any true beer filtration system (we feel it can take away some of the subtle notes of our beers that we enjoy), we must rely on other means to make a crystal clear beer. These can include various clarifying additives used throughout the process that can aid in dropping out these unwanted sediment products.

We currently use a clarifying agent called WhirlFloc in the brewhouse to take out proteins from the wort (unfermented beer) before entering the fermenter. We are looking more closely at the amount we are using to make sure it is adequate for the amount of protein we are looking to remove.

We are letting our beer condition longer at low temperatures to hopefully get more yeast to fall out of solution, thus not showing up in the cans. We are also testing more clarifying agents like Biofine which is a collagen that attracts yeast cells like magnets do to speed up sedimentation process. With more yeast cells floccing out of solution, we should be removing more hop particles as well.

There are other “fool-proof” additives that could be added but we are trying to stay as natural and traditionally true as we can. Rest assured, we won’t be adding anything to our beer that changes the integrity or flavors that you love.

We are working hard to provide you the quality product that you love and deserve and we appreciate all of the feedback that you have given us, both positive and negative. Although we strive to give you a perfect product every time, there are some things that can happen to the beer after it leaves our hands and we rely on you, our supporters, to let us know when there might be an opportunity for improvement.

-The Land Grant Brew Team

Video: Canning Process

Last night we participated in COSI After Dark, our neighbor’s monthly adults-only museum hangout. This months theme was Brewing and Distillation, and the participants each trotted out a demo on some aspect of the brewing or distilling process. Since the ‘I’ in COSI stands for Industry, we decided to tackle to the process of canning beer. We put together the video above to illustrate how the Stiff-Arm IPA gets in that shiny red can.







40 More!


We’ve gone ahead and made our first major upgrade to the brewing facility, bringing in an additional 40bbls of fermentor space. Fill it up!


LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS OVER $40 (1 case). Please allow 20-30 minutes for us to pull pick-up orders. Pick-up is from Noon-7p Thursday-Saturday and Noon-4p Sunday Dismiss