Can Release: 1862 and Stiff-Arm


We’ve been eagerly anticipating this day since we launched our Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2012. Cans are here and being filled. We’ll offer them to the public for the very first time this upcoming Saturday, May 30th.

We’re launching the can program with two beers: 1862 Ale and Stiff-Arm IPA. 1862 (our American Kölsch) is a lighter crisp beer with a touch of hop aroma; the ideal beer for BBQs, golf courses, camping trips, and boat rides—in other words, the perfect beer for summer. Stiff-Arm brings a fruity hop punch reminiscent of the west-coast, and now you can take that hoppy goodness wherever you please.

Join us Saturday from Noon ’til Midnight, have a pint or two and grab a six-pack to-go*! Following the launch on Saturday, you’ll start to see the cans out in the wild over the next few weeks.

*Limit one case per style per customer.