Quadrahopic v.203

The seventh release in our new quarterly Quadrahopic IPA series, featuring a new blend of hops with each batch, Quadrahopic version 203 is an immersive lupular experience of the senses. Four hop varietals―Styrian Fox, Ekuanot, Strata, and Citra―harmonize in perfect balance, building toward a hoppy crescendo of melon and berry.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Hoppy
Style: IPA
Style Name: IPA
ABV: 6.70
Hops: Citra, Strata, Ekuanot, Styrian Fox
Malt: Craft Master Blend (Silo)
Crushability: 5
Three Words: Light , White Wine, Fruity
grist_id: 413
Packages: 1/2 BBL Keg,1/6 BBL Keg,6pk 12oz Cans
First Brewed: 2020-06-01
Last Brewed: 2020-06-25
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color2: #d75037
color1: #e71e7e