Black is Beautiful

A collaborative brewing project organized by Weathered Souls Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas. This Imperial Stout is brewed to support justice and equality for people of color.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Roasty
Style: Porter/Stout
Style Name: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.00
Hops: Cascade
Malt: Black Malt, Caramel Malt 120L, Carapils Malt, CBW-Pilsen Light DME, Chocolate Malt, Craft Master Blend (Silo), Dextrose, Flaked Rye
Crushability: 1
Three Words: Roasty, Chocolate ,
grist_id: 439
Packages: 6pk 12oz Cans
First Brewed: 2020-06-09
Last Brewed: 2020-06-09
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color2: #4a210c
color1: #000000