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People Behind the Pint: Hajier Karimi

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cool and crispy Land-Grant beer outside of our walls, chances are it was dropped off by Hajier Karimi, the longtime Land-Grant distribution All-Star with a heart of gold. When not picking daisies, Haj gets that beer where it’s going… right on time, all while dishing out crunchy bass licks.

Name: Hajier Karimi
Position: Distribution Team Lead

How long have you been at Land-Grant?
I started here in September of 2015.

What is it you do here?
I do a few different things here at Land-Grant. First and foremost, I manage our Distribution Team and make sure that our beer gets to where it needs to go in a timely manner. I also manage our packaged inventory to ensure that we have enough product to fill orders and that our beer is at optimal freshness once it leaves our facility. I sit on the Safety Committee as well, and I train new employees on how to operate some of the heavy machinery that we use in the brewery. From time to time, you might also see me out and about, working events or tastings. Aside from that, I’ve done everything from installing drywall to building a walk-in cooler, and anything else in between.

What’s your favorite L-G beer?
Wow I’ve been staring at this question for a really long time because, truth be told, it’s impossible for me to pick just one Land-Grant beer that I love the most. There are so many delicious beers that we release here on a weekly basis and I love them all. However, for the sake of this question, when push comes to shove, I’ve got to go with an old favorite: our Greenskeeper Session IPA. This little workhorse of a beer is perfect for just about any occasion and it won’t quit on you–even when you’re a few (or more than a few) pints deep. Perfectly sessionable, and with the addition of Citra hops for an added kick of citrusy goodness, this beer is solid AF.

Best Land-Grant Memory?
All of ‘em. For real, it’s hard to keep track of all the great times I’ve had here. It’s easy to make memories when you’re having fun working with your friends!

What is your favorite day of the week at the brewery?
Each day usually brings along something new and exciting. Whether it’s a new beer release or an event in the taproom, there’s always something cool going down at 424 W. Town.

I will say though, my favorite days are the ones where the brewery is running on all cylinders, which is just about every day at this point. There is definitely a nice rhythm that we get into throughout the day, which I love. There are a lot of people and simultaneous moving parts involved in running this operation, and when everything is flowing smoothly and we are all “in the pocket,” so to speak, you can really feel it… and it feels good! I think this is reflected in the product we are putting out as well; by that I mean that our beer is greater than the sum of our individual parts. I think that really shows since we are able to consistently produce a high-quality product day in and day out. We formin’ like voltron out here, all day baby!

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New Brew: 13.1 Wheat

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ABV: 4.3%   IBU: 17

LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS OVER $40 (1 case). Please allow 20-30 minutes for us to pull pick-up orders. Pick-up is from Noon-7p Thursday-Saturday and Noon-4p Sunday Dismiss