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New Brew: Home IPL

Nothing makes you feel quite so at ease as cracking open a nice refreshing lager and settling in for a warm evening surrounded by familiar company. We brewed Home IPL with winter gatherings in mind; whether you’re sitting around the table or the fire, Home will make you feel, well, right at Home. Brewed with Centennial, Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops and Pilsner malt, Home provides a clean finish with tons of hop flavor and aroma. So, settle right in and get comfortable, you’re Home.


ABV: 5.8%   IBU: 30

New Brew: S’Melon

You’ve caught the scent, now there’s no stopping until you uncover massive hop satisfaction. S’melon Imperial IPA delivers on its promise of huge aromatics and in-your-nose melon-y madness. We added heaps of hops throughout the brewing process and utilized a biotransformative dry hopping technique. Huell Melon, El Dorado, Citra, Cascade,  and Simcoe  hops pack in huge whiffs and tastes of watermelon, honeydew, tropical fruit, and sweet strawberry. all-the-while, the light malt base leaves a strong, but drinkable IPA waiting right at the end of your nose.


ABV: 9.8%   IBU: 45

2019 Release Calendar!

Thanks for making 2018 an amazing year for Land-Grant! Yesterday, we were thrilled to announce two new year-round rotating-hop IPA series: Quadrahopic and Concentrate and today we’re excited to lay out our roadmap for 2019. Like any good roadtrip, there will be some deviation from our plotted course, some unplanned stops along the way, and plenty of surprises. So scout out the year ahead, amd mark your calendar for the return of your seasonal favorites, or old standbys. Cheers to another year of beer here in Franklinton.

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Concentrate, Now Delivering Hoppy Goodness Year-Round

In opart 2 of our Double-Dose of year-round IPA Press Releases today, we’re jazzed tio to introduce our first year-round series of Hazy IPAs: Concentrate. The name is inspired by the beer’s utilization of Cryo-Hops—essentially concentrated hop oils—to achieve super juicy and intense hop flavor and aroma without overwhelming bitterness.

“Concentrate IPA is aptly named, packing a concentrated juicy hop punch, compliments of the use of the Cryo-Hops,” says Director of Operations, Mark Richards. “I am a longtime hophead and this became one of my favorite new beers of 2018. I am pumped to see how the brewers will riff on the style from quarter to quarter in 2019!”

“Concentrate is the sum of our knowledge about creating big hop flavor in an easily drinkable package,” says Lead Brewer, Dan Shaffer. “Cryo-Hops allow us to maximize juicy hop flavor without the harsh burn of other highly hopped beers.”

Each quarterly edition of Concentrate will feature a new can label design, featuring Warhol-inspired cans in varying colors, highlighting the flavor and seasonality of the beers.

“The name Concentrate took me back to coming home on a summer day and having Mom peel open a can of Orange Juice concentrate for instant refreshment,” says Creative Director, Walt Keys. “That nostalgia played nicely with the Warhol-inspired can motif and, much like Quadrahopic, its seasonality gives me reign to play with the colors and the feel of each release.”

Concentrate IPA will retail for $11.99 per six-pack, and will be available in package and on draft beginning the first week in February 2019.

Introducing Quadrahopic, Year Round Rotating IPA

We are excited to announce that we’ll kicking-off 2019 with a brand new rotating hop IPA series. Quadrahopic, an IPA brewed using a blend of four hop varietals, is poised to join the brewery’s year-round offerings, albeit with a quarterly twist: every 3 months, the hops change.

“Quadrahopic IPA is a showcase of 4 hops varieties that will rotate hop blends with the seasons in 2019,” says Director of Operations, Mark Richards. “It’s always interesting to see how the hops flavors play off one another to create a compelling blend of flavor and aroma in these approachable IPAs.”

Lead Brewer, Dan Shaffer shares Mark’s excitement for the new line, saying,: “Quadrahopic is the canvas for our hop palette; with some combination of new varieties, personal favs, and old classics, creating flavor and aroma that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

While the malt base of the beer remains the same, the hops aren’t the only thing that will change from season to season. Each edition of Quadrahopic will feature a new can label design with varying colors to highlight the intended flavor profile.

“For me, the introduction of this new series, along with its ‘sister’ series, Concentrate, let me have some fun and think outside of the design systems we’ve created here over the past four years,” says Creative Director, Walt Keys. “I looked at this new brand as a way to create something new that lives outside our seasonal and year-round brands, but still under the umbrella of what makes a ‘Land-Grant Beer’ look like a ‘Land-Grant Beer.'”

Quadrahopic IPA will retail for $9.99 per six-pack, and will be available in package and on draft beginning the first week in January 2019.

A Spooky October in the “Fiergarten”

We’re very excited to announce some spooky Halloween-centric events in the Beer Garden throughout October. The Fiergarden Film Series launches tomorrow (Wednesday 10/10) kicking off three straight Wednesdays with scary movies under the stars. Pack a blanket, grab a beer, and brace yourself for all the spooks. All movies start at sundown at 7pm, and we’ve got a full line up of creepy classics:

These freaky films all lead up to the howlin-est Halloween party in town: The Land-Grant and BARK Party in the Fiergarten!

October 27th not only marks the eve of All Hallows Eve, but also the date in which Pups on the Patio legislation becomes OFFICIAL law! YAY! We advocated hard for our best dog friends, so we are ready to celebrate with a big ol’ party. From 3-7pm, Our human friends at BARK will be helping us host an all-out costume party. Bring your four-legged fur-ball and don’t hold back with the ensembles… We’ll be handing out prizes all afternoon for the best costumes in various categories!

The party certainly doesn’t stop after the dogs hit the hay. As the lights go down in the Fiergarten, from 7-10pm, the music will turn up with DJ Sean Gleeson & DJ Al Sigman and the costume competitions will carry on. Let’s get sPoOoOoOkY!!! Ray Ray’s Hog Pit will be serving up some eerie eats, including Spiced Smoked Short Rib with Ghost Chili BBQ Sauce. 👻 OooOoOOoooooo 👻 The Party is FREE and open to the public!

Please keep your well-behaved dogs on leash.

Four Years of Beers Recap

A huge and hardy THANK YOU is in order to all of the amazing people who came together to make this past Saturday a huge success.

The amazing bands that kept us moving… Our own Colin Mills, Colin Mills
, Fables, Gliders, Osage, Montezuma, Campbell, Mungbean, and the Buckeyes for eaking out a win!

Our tasty food trucks…Ray Ray’s Hog Pit, Sunyside Tacos, and Sweet T’s!

Our incredible staff for pulling together an amazing variety of beers, and for putting in some crazy hours to make yesterday happen. You guys are amazing.

Cheers to Upright Press for bringing the live screen printing to the party, TopGolf for the mini-golf fun, and Chromedge for the cheesy school photo studio.

Last but certainly not least you fine folks that volunteered your precious weekend time to pour beers, check IDs, and help us pull this thing off. We could not have done it without ya.

One last cheers to #FOURYEARSOFBEERS, let’s do this again next year. Check out some photos from the day here, and you can see the full photo-set over on our Facebook page.

People Behind the Pint: Walt Keys

He’s the man responsible for the nice image on your can, the poster on your wall, and the t-shirt on your back. He’s also the guy who will be at the taproom at 6am setting up for an event, and the same guy that will be there until 1am tearing it down. He’s Walt Keys, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Land-Grant Brewing Company… and he’s this month’s Person Behind the Pint!

Name: Walt Keys
Position: Co-Founder / Creative Director

You’re one of the Co-Founders of Land-Grant… how long has LG been a part of your life?:
Land-Grant really started for me in 2010. My college roommate and Best Man at my wedding, Adam Benner, started home-brewing in the basement of his apartment in Chicago and looped me in to design labels for his new brews. I was working at a design agency in Cincinnati at the time, and so his hobby of brewing beer on the weekends became my hobby of designing brands and labels after work. In 2012, we decided to really make a run at opening a commercial brewery, and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the idea off the runway.

What is it you do here day-to-day?
I’m the Creative Director here at Land-Grant, which essentially means I’m in charge of creating and executing everything visual that we need to move beer. Here’s an incomplete list of the things I design from week to week: beer labels, trading cards, posters, event brands, ads, social graphics, photography, video, website updates, menus, taproom materials, tap handles, and sales materials. We did 35 different beers in package last year, and we’re already at 32 this year, so I stay pretty busy.

On September 29, you’re celebrating Four Years of Beers. Congrats! As LG graduates from a small, young business to a more mature operation with over 40 employees, what advice would you give to other creatives and/or entrepreneurs that may need a push?
Just keep at it, and don’t be stubborn. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a strong plan and a fully formed idea, but you should definitely remain flexible and open-minded. That–and, be prepared to put in A LOT of hours.

You’ve been working towards your vision of LG for over 8 years. That must come with some high highs and low lows. Looking back, what were some of those defining moments?
I’ll start with the low-point, which was when we lost our original Grandview building in October 2013. We’d been working so hard on this concept… we’d quit our jobs, relocated and it was starting to finally come together, when suddenly the rug was pulled out from under us. We had to essentially start back at zero. But to the team’s credit, we stuck together, held steady, and were able to land on our feet in Franklinton (albeit a full year later than we expected).

Highlights are a lot more fun to look back on, and there have been a lot! Every time we throw a big event like the Anniversary Parties, Backyard Barbecue, or Strawberry Jam, I’m still overwhelmed when people show up to this thing we made. We’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate a lot of cool milestones: Opening Day, canning beer for the first time (what a mess that was), and being able to enjoy a Land-Grant beer at Ohio Stadium. But, I think the most amazing thing about Land-Grant is the incredible family of people we’ve been able to assemble. It’s obviously apparent in happy times like when one of our people welcomes a new baby or ties the knot, but it was especially humbling to see the team rally around one another when tragedy struck and we lost one of our friends and brothers. It’s something I think about every day.

What is your favorite day of the week at the brewery?
Friday. There’s a palpable buzz in the building; the doors open earlier for Ray Ray’s and the room starts to fill up around noon. If it’s a Friday before a big event, everyone will be running around working on this or that–there’s a lot of excitement, and generally folks from the neighborhood, old friends, and family start to drop in around happy hour, making it tempting to pop out an hour early to have a beer in the Beer Garden.

Want to catch up on our previous ‘People behind the Pint’ entries? You can do just that right here.

New Brew: Dropout

Four years in the making, this hardy Imperial Stout was brewed specifically to help us celebrate our Fourth Anniversary at our Franklinton Brewery and Taproom on September 29 2018. Barrel-Aged on OYO Bourbon-soaked oak from our friends at Middle West Spirits, this jet-black stout offers up notes of Vanilla, Coconut, and Chocolate while wrapping up with a Coffee-forward finish.


ABV: 9.4%   IBU: 52

New Brew: Eos

Our annual Sun-Grant beers are brewed to highlight Land-Grant’s commitment to sustainability and community stewardship. Proceeds from this beer directly fund our ongoing initiatives in the areas o wastewater diversion, energy conservation, recycling, and creating closed production loops. Eos- named for the greek goddess of the dawn- is the second beer in the Sun-Grant series, and is an easy drinking Session Ale brewed with Fossil-Free malt, local malt, and Ohio hops. Learn more about our ongoing sustainability and community initiatives on our Sun-Grant page.


ABV: 4.6%   IBU: 36

LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS OVER $40 (1 case). Please allow 20-30 minutes for us to pull pick-up orders. Pick-up is from Noon-7p Thursday-Saturday and Noon-4p Sunday Dismiss